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Founded in 2011, Trans News is the top source for news stories from around the world that positively impact or reflect the lives of transgender and transsexual people. Trans News’ growing audience includes men and women of trans experience, as well as LGBQI and straight allies.

Getting Coverage on Trans News

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is how to get coverage on Trans Media Network websites. Here’s what we look for when choosing which stories to cover at Trans News.

What kinds of stories can be submitted to Trans News?

The stories you submit must be POSITIVE! We’re looking for inspirational stories that focus on accomplishments, overcoming obstacles, good deeds, etc. Before you submit, think to yourself: Does this story make me smile and feel good?

(It probably goes without saying but the stories you submit must also be related to transgender, transsexual and/or gender variant people.)

Your story should be fresh and interesting, not published all over the web already. A certain level of exclusivity makes your news much more interesting to us.

Personalize your pitch. Receiving an email that has clearly been sent to a huge BCC list is a turn off. Make it clear that you actually read Trans News and know about the topics we cover.

More important submission tips:

  • Check to see if your story has already been published at Trans News.
  • Be concise.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS in your story title or content.
  • Include a link to the source of your story.

What kinds of content submissions are not accepted at Trans News?

Please do not submit the following types of content, they will not be published:

  • News unrelated to trans people
  • Negative news
  • Petitions
  • Surgery fund raising websites and events
  • Other types fund raising campaigns (ex. Kickstarter)
  • Random transition blog updates
  • Solicitations for trans study participants
  • Solicitations for survey/poll participants
  • Stories in languages other than English

Moderation decisions are final.

Can I submit my press release to Trans News?

Absolutely, as long as it meets the submission requirements. Please also note that while commercial/promotional content is accepted, we’re selective about it. It’s vitally important for Trans News to avoid becoming diluted by an excess of advertorial content.

Can I submit multiple articles to promote my upcoming event?

While we recognize that event promotion occurs throughout the time leading up to an event, multiple articles submitted for the same event would probably not hold much interest to Trans News readers – unless… you actually have news to report. For example: a last minute act added to the bill, or an important change in date or venue, etc. We want Trans News to help you promote your trans positive events, please just keep in mind that our readers come first.

Can I submit articles about my Kickstarter campaign?

Sorry, no. Articles that solicit for donations will not be published. However, once you’ve reached your fund raising goal, feel free to submit a press release about your success!

Can I submit adult content?

Because we want Trans News to be accessible to minors adult content is not accepted.

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