Big Win For India’s First Transgender Mayor, Madhu Kinnar

Big Win For India's First Transgender Mayor, Madhu Kinnar

Independent candidate Madhu Kinnar has beaten the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Mahaveer Guruji by 4357 votes on 4 January to become mayor of Raigarh, which lies west of the India-Bangladesh border. The win also makes Kinnar India’s first transgender mayor.

Canadian Green Party Calls Transgender Candidate a First

Canadian Green Party Calls Transgender Candidate a First For Provincial Election Campaign

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is trumpeting the nomination of B Garneau, a candidate running in the constituency of Regina Wascana Plains for the upcoming provincial election, as history in the making. Garneau, the party noted, is the first transgender person to seek election, provincially, in Saskatchewan. Garneau does not identity with a particular gender.

Gender Reassignment To Be Legally Recognized In Ireland For The First Time

Broden Giambrone, Director of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

A proposed bill in Ireland would allow transgender people to have legal recognition of their gender in all dealings with the State, public bodies, and civil and commercial society. Applicants aged 18 or over will only need to provide a self-declaration of intent to live permanently as the gender the are applying for recognition of and “Validation” by their primary physician.

Maryland Senate Passes Transgender Rights Bill


The Maryland Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would prohibit discrimination against transgender people. The Fairness for All Marylanders Act, which passed the Senate, 32-15, now goes to the House of Delegates.