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Trans News is a transsexual and transgender news source with a twist: all of our content is 100% trans positive news. From the biggest online media destinations to the most obscure personal blog, Trans News showcases the best trans positive news stories.

Trans News is designed to be an uplifting part of your day, where you can discover and share breaking news from around the web that celebrates the lives and achievements of transsexual, transgender and gender variant people. Trans News is an important reminder that despite the negative news we’re so often bombarded with, there are a lot of really good, inspirational stories to be heard!

Trans News is part of the Trans Media Network.

UPDATE, APRIL 15: Trans News 2.0 has launched! To support the growing number of users accessing the website using smartphones and tablets, the website has been upgraded to a responsive layout. We also made the tough decision to remove the user content contribution features. You can still submit news to Trans News (including relevant press releases and self-promotion) but all content moderation, production and editing is now handled exclusively by Trans News staff. Lastly, the URL format for news articles has changed. While this is an improvement going forward it means that old article URLs no longer function and all article share stats have been reset. These little inconveniences are the price of change, and change is good!

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New Website Features Positive, Inspirational Stories About Transgender and Transsexual People – July 16, 2012

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