Maryland Reverses Employee Health Insurance Policy In Response to Trans Man’s Legal Case

Maryland Reverses Health Insurance Policy In Response to Trans Man's Legal Case

After Sailor Holobaugh and his attorney filed a discrimination claim against the state of Maryland for denying health insurance coverage of Holobaugh’s transition-related care, the state reversed its policy—and now provides such care for all state employees. The new inclusive policy applies to state employees, retirees and any dependents who are covered under their health plans, and covers mental health services, continuous hormone therapy and a variety of gender confirmation surgeries.

The change quietly went into effect earlier this month as the result of legal negotiations in a discrimination case brought against the state by Sailor Holobaugh, a 31-year-old clinical research assistant in neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

The state agreed amid those negotiations to reimburse Holobaugh’s transition-related medical costs to date and apply the new standard to all of its employee health plans, rather than fight Holobaugh’s claim in court.

The change makes Maryland the third state, after Oregon and California, to offer such coverage to its employees.

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