First Transgender Parliamentarian Appointed To Belgian Senate

Petra De Sutter

Professor Petra De Sutter has become Belgium’s first openly transgender Member of Parliament, following the country’s recent elections.

The election results make her the second serving transgender MP in Europe, joining Polish MP Anna Grodzka. They both follow Vladimir Luxuria, who was elected Europe’s first transgender MP in Italy in 2006 but lost her seat in 2008, and New Zealand’s Georgina Beyer, who became the first transgender MP in the world in 1999 but retired from politics in 2007.

Professor De Sutter is head of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the University Hospital Ghent, as well as an associate professor of gynaecology at the University of Ghent.

She said ahead of the elections that she wanted to fight “for a more social and fairer Europe, where everyone feels at home” and against “an unpleasant mentality of everyone for themselves”.

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