Canadian Green Party Calls Transgender Candidate a First

Canadian Green Party Calls Transgender Candidate a First For Provincial Election Campaign

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is trumpeting the nomination of B Garneau, a candidate running in the constituency of Regina Wascana Plains for the upcoming provincial election, as history in the making.

Garneau, the party noted, is the first transgender person to seek election, provincially, in Saskatchewan. Garneau does not identity with a particular gender.

“I’m not a man or a woman,” Garneau told CBC News in an interview Friday. “I could be aspects of both. I’m just sort of outside of the understanding of gender.”

Garneau says advocating for human rights, in general, was a key motivator for entering politics adding transgender issues — especially discrimination — is of particular interest.

“I am here for human rights, I am here mostly just to help out people who need help,” Garneau said, adding the Green Party was the most open-minded when it comes to policies.

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