Taiwan To Allow Legal Gender Changes Without Medical Transition

Taiwan To Allow Legal Gender Changes Without Any Medical Transition

SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to allow people to change their legal gender without seeking any medical interventions, including psychiatric evaluation.

Under the Ministry’s existing rules, individuals needs two psychiatric approvals and must remove all relevant sexual organs to qualify for a new gender.

“The Interior Ministry’s household registration system is linked with all our legal documents, so the sex registered at birth will have to change for other legal papers to change,” said intersex rights activist Hiker Chiu to Gay Star News.

It is the double requirements of evaluation and sex reassignment surgery, which, together with monetary and physical constraints, prevent trans people from obtaining their desired legal gender and bring problems, the activist said.

Argentina last year became the first country in the world to allow adults to legally change their gender without any operation or approval from doctors

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