Clinic for Transgender Youth Opens at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital

Clinic for transgender youth opens at Toronto's Sick Kids hospital

Beginning this month, transgender teens in the Greater Toronto Area will have better access to healthcare services with the opening of the Transgender Youth Clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). The Transgender Youth Clinic is the first and only transgender adolescent clinic in Toronto.

“The Transgender Youth Clinic at SickKids will fill this important gap by providing medical care, and aims to minimize negative medical and psychosocial outcomes and maximize the potential for a healthy and happy future,” says Dr. Joey Bonifacio, Physician in Adolescent Medicine and lead of the Transgender Youth Clinic at SickKids.

The medical support offered through the Transgender Youth Clinic at SickKids includes consultations with an interdisciplinary team who provide ongoing assessments to ensure patients are receiving appropriate counselling, and in some cases hormone therapy to prevent pubertal changes. The current team includes staff physicians in Adolescent Medicine and Endocrinology, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, and social worker.

The Transgender Youth Clinic will include both educational and research roles and will offer valuable training to other medical health care professionals.

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