Trans Clothing Swap in London Gears Up For Eighth Event

Trans Clothing Swap in London Gears Up For Eighth Event

London is getting ready to hold the Trans Clothing Swap, a project aiming to give transgender people the opportunity to shop for free clothes in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

The idea of the swap is simple enough; you donate your unwanted clothes, and take away clothes that you want. You don’t have to bring clothes to attend, and everything is free. All that is asked is respect for the people in attendance without judgement or assumption of gender.

Speaking to Gay Star News, founder Lola Olson said: ‘I felt like trans people struggled with finding safe spaces in a lot of different ways. Clothing is particularly difficult because trans people are often expected to “present” as what gender they identify as. I sought to create a safe space for all trans people where they can come and find clothes, feel free to try them on, and won’t be interrogated or judged concerning their presentation.’

The event is marked as a “stealth-friendly” event with the label “trans” being removed from any signage. Instead only the purple GI logo will be displayed outside the venue.

Trans Clothing Swap is a non-profit event, relying solely on donations and volunteers. The eighth cloth-swap event will take place on Sunday August 18, 12 – 4pm, at New Unity Church in London.

The Trans Clothing Swap is an ongoing project from the people behind Gendered Intelligence.

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