Nova Scotia To Fund SRS

Publicly Funded Sex Reassignment Surgery Now Available In Nova Scotia

Dave Wilson, Minister for Health and Wellness in Nova Scotia, Canada says that Section 4.8 of the province’s health insurance act — the section that bars trans people from having their surgeries covered — will be repealed “immediately.”

The announcement follows yesterday’s release of a letter reiterating the government’s position that the surgery would not be funded. That provoked Wilson to announce the government’s reversal.

Consultation with the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project was instrumental to the policy reversal and pushed the Minister to realize that “the policy we had didn’t recognize the values of the NDP or the government.

This is the right thing to do,” he said.

Details of the policy are still in development and it is not yet known what aspects of transition will be covered or when the policy will be enacted.

Nova Scotia passed amendments to the Human Rights Act last year that included gender identity as a protected class.

At this time, most Canadian provinces have some form of surgery coverage, with the exception of New Brunswick and PEI. [Editor’s Note: Coverage in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut is rarely reported on and we are not certain of the current status of SRS funding in these parts of Canada.] However, what is funded differs province-to-province, creating a health care equality gap. Several provinces only partially fund surgeries and/or do not fund certain procedures, such as FTM bottom surgery, breast augmentation and FFS.

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