Student Starts Nonprofit to Fund Trans Surgeries

Student Starts Nonprofit to Fund Trans Surgeries

TUFF (Trans United Family and Friends) is a budding nonprofit organization that plans to raise funds for FTM and MTF surgeries that many transgender and gender variant individuals in the United States cannot afford.

TUFF was founded by Jacob Rostovsky, a 22-year-old transgender man who is pursuing a degree in psychology with an emphasis on gender studies.

“Honestly, it’d be great if there were no longer a need for TUFF in 20 years due to insurance companies covering transition costs, and everyone would be able to have access to healthcare,” Rostovsky says. “But until then, I will do everything I can to help as many transgender individuals have hope and happiness by being able to afford their transitions.”

TUFF is still in the beginning stages, but Rostovsky has hopes to fund one lucky applicant’s gender reassignment surgery by September 2013.

Rostovsky currently covers all of TUFF’s funds himself, and TUFF is fund raising to earn its 501(c) nonprofit status. The current campaign has raised nearly half of the nonprofit’s preliminary funds, and Rostovsky has extremely high hopes for the future. “I want TUFF to be as big as other LGBT nonprofits that give out financial assistance.”

For more information, visit TUFF’s current Go Fund Me campaign for details about donating.

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