Quebec Organization To Produce Trans Shelter Access Guidebook

Quebec Organization To Produce Trans Shelter Access Guidebook

ASTT(e)Q has successfully raised funds to print and distribute a trans shelter access guidebook to shelters and other sex segregated services throughout Quebec, Canada, as part of ASTT(e)Q’s anti-violence project, TransSolidaire Contre la Violence.

Drawing on years of community activism and advocacy, ASTT(e)Q has put together a resource called TransForm Your Services: A Trans Inclusion Guide for Shelter Workers, a guide that is desperately needed in the Montreal’s shelter system. This resource will be geared at service providers in order to support shelters in filling some of those policy gaps, answer some of the questions that most frequently come up regarding to trans access to shelters, and provide frontline workers with some tangible tools and suggestions for moving forward. It will also include insightful testimonials from trans people and advocates detailing their experiences accessing shelters or supporting someone in the process of accessing sex-segregated essential services.

Through a crowdfunding campaign ASTT(e)Q has raised $2025.00, surpassing their funding goal of $2000. The funds will go towards professional editing, translation and printing costs. You can donate through the GoFundMe campaign, or directly on their website.

The Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q), also known as Québec Trans Health Action is a project of CACTUS-Montréal which was founded in 1998. ASTT(e)Q was started largely in response to the need for access to health care and social services that were sensitive to trans people’s needs.

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