Massachusetts Teen Becomes Town’s First Transgender Prom Queen

Massachusetts Teen Becomes Town's First Transgender Prom Queen

A student at Middleborough High School in Massachusetts became the town’s first transgender prom queen on Tuesday.

Cody Tubman proudly donned her sash the day after the big dance. The teen tells FOX 25 she “came out” freshman year to her mother, Tammy.

Cody began dressing as a woman around sophomore year and the high school was responsive to her needs, allowing her to use the female bathrooms and locker rooms.

“I thought people weren’t gonna understand and that’s what I was afraid of. But, people did understand,” said Tammy.

Principal Paul Branagan expressed his pride in the student body’s atmosphere of acceptance.

“This is a community and a school community in particular that is very accepting and I think that’s a true testament to that,” said Branagan.

Cody was the belle of the ball Tuesday as she proudly wore her tiara.

“It was surprising and it was exciting, cause I was like, we’re coming really far,” Cody explained.

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