Health Professionals In Ireland Must Be Trained in Trans Health Care

Health Professionals In Ireland Must Be Trained in Trans Health Care

While speaking at the Transgender Healthcare Seminar in Waterford City, Deputy Jerry Buttimer stated that healthcare professionals in Ireland must be trained in trans health care.

“There is a real need to develop healthcare pathways for transgender people in Ireland to ensure that they are receiving the care and attention that is needed. This presents a new challenge for our health services and for our medical professionals who are working hard to ensure that adequate systems and training are put in place.” — Jerry Buttimer

He noted that the HSE Transgender Health Advisory Group in particular is working to develop resources for healthcare providers and to provide training to professionals on the issue.

A 2012 survey of health and social care professionals in Ireland showed that:

  • 41 per cent of respondents described their knowledge of transgender health issues as poor or non-existent;
  • 19 per cent reported having a good or expert level of knowledge;
  • 32 per cent had provided treatment to a transgender person;
  • 10 per cent had ever had any training on the issues involved.

Buttimer concluded that he looks forward “to the day when we have full equality, comprehensive healthcare and when we see transgender elected representatives in Ireland”.

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