World’s First Senior’s Home for Transgender People

World’s First Senior's Home for Transgender People

The world’s first known senior’s home exclusively for transgender people is being built on the outskirts of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

Yulianus Rettoblaut is one of the extraordinary women behind the project. After working in prostitution, Rettoblaut earned a law degree and is now doing her masters in law. She is a high-profile leader of Indonesia’s large transgender community, who fondly call her Mummy Yuli.

As a mother to the community Rettoblaut decided she needed to do something to support other transgender elders who been rejected by their family and society. So she is now renovating her two bedroom house to provide housing for senior trans women in Jakarta. Three women are currently living there, and there’s a wait list of 800. The home also holds training sessions for elderly transgender so they can get skills to live independently.

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