Transgender Adoptive Parent Featured on Oxygen Documentary Series

Transgender Adoptive Parent Featured on Oxygen Documentary Series

I’m Having Their Baby, a new documentary series on Oxygen, chronicles the adoption process from the perspective of pregnant women. The show’s latest episode profiles Sydney, a 22-year-old woman in Portland, Ore., who is giving her baby girl to married couple Tinujei (“T”) and Jesse, who is a transgender man.

Sydney chose the couple from several contenders, which included a straight couple, a gay couple, and the adoptive parents. T and Jesse, both in their 30s and married for eight years, were in Sydney’s hospital room for the birth of their daughter, Greta Miyo.

“Most people wouldn’t consider a trans parent adoption,” says Jesse. “But Sydney — she was so amazing in how she saw it as an asset. Every single second of this process with her has been pretty incredible.”

“I could not have asked for a better couple,” Sydney says in a video diary posted on Oxygen’s website. “I don’t want to imagine being in a world where they don’t have kids. That’s heartbreaking to me.”

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