Trans activist in New Zealand zeroes in on citizenship certs

Trans activist in New Zealand zeroes in on citizenship certs

A tireless trans rights campaigner in New Zealand is determined to ensure the issue of citizenship certificates remains on the political radar.

Allyson Hamblett says in 2008 Internal Affairs agreed the 1977 Citizenship Act needed to be more accommodating for transsexual people, but a legislative change was needed. “It’s 2012 and the amendment still hasn’t been made,” Hamblett says, adding the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which could have included such a change, was dropped.

Tired of waiting for change, she has written to Minister of Internal Affairs Chris Tremain enquiring when the Act will be amended so trans people can have their citizenship certificates reissued.

“The minister was not able to say when this would be sorted, but the Citizenship Amendment Bill was withdrawn to give the Department of Internal Affairs time to work on further issues, which includes the reissue of citizenship certificates,” she says.

“It’s really great news,” Hamblett adds.

“It’s on the political radar, but I’ll be regularly reminding the Minister until the required legislative change is made, hopefully in this current parliamentary term.”

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