Radio Gives Voice to India’s Transgender Community

Radio Gives Voice to India’s Transgender Community

Determined to combat discrimination and alienation, a transgender community in India is creating its own media to amplify its voice.

It’s Thursday morning in Bangalore, a city in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Community reporter Christy Raj, 27, is hurrying to finish work before 12:30 p.m., the hour when “Yaaru Ivaru” begins on Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, a community-run radio station.

Raj wouldn’t miss the program for the world. The reason is simple: This is the only media show in the region that is by, of and for people like Raj: people who are transgender.

Yaaru Ivaru, which translates to “Who is This Person?,” advocates for the rights of the transgender community. It also provides a space for trangender people to express themselves.

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